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Name  Roni
Email  *******@comcast.net
Item  rubber ddakji
Quantity  1
Ship to  United States
Description  http://m.bunjang.co.kr/products/93256798/?ref=%EC%83%81%ED%92%88%EB%82%B4%EC%83%81%EC%A0%90%EC%83%81%ED%92%88

im also looking for any blind box silvally items
Attachments  attached file 773Silvally_Normal_Dream.png (53.18KB,6)   
Status  Quoted

Price  KRW80600
Delivery Charge  KRW30000 by EMS
Total Amount  KRW110600; USD107.37
Delivery Time  Within 10 days after your payment
Description  http://m.bunjang.co.kr/products/93256798/?ref=%EC%83%81%ED%92%88%EB%82%B4%EC%83%81%EC%A0%90%EC%83%81%ED%92%88

**10600+30000(minimum commission)+40000(off-line buying fee)=80600won.

level img Admin 2019-03-18 16:37
Hi Roni, thank you for request. Please see the quotation.
level img Admin 2019-03-18 20:11
While, will you please check if your email above is correct?
It has been returned as delivery failure.

If not correct, please update a new email address in your profile as well as in this request.

level img Roni 2019-03-26 07:42
i think this item sold but thanks anyway
size increase size decrease   Name   Password    ok
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