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SN Rate Name Date
157 ★★★★★ Excellent Shereen 2017-04-22
 Excellent service and fast shipping. Highly recommended!
156 ★★★★★ Excellent Shu Juan 2017-04-08
 Excellent service as always..definitely use their service again
155 ★★★★★ Excellent Rebecca 2017-03-26
 Super service. - Very helpful and fast and best of all can communicate in English. Thank you!
154 ★★★★★ Excellent Michel 2017-01-31
 Superb service
153 ★★★★★ Excellent Dusan 2016-12-07
 Great communication. Fast shipping. Another excellent experience.
152 ★★★★★ Excellent Nydia 2016-10-28
 This is my 10th time using their service and it was awesome as always!
Trustworthy and efficient service~!
151 ★★★★★ Excellent Dusan 2016-10-11
 Great communication. Fast shipping. Another excellent experience.
150 ★★★★★ Excellent zuaidah 2016-10-06
 Thank you so much .
149 ★★★★★ Excellent Nydia 2016-07-28
 It has been my 8th purchase with bestbuykorea and they are a bunch of helpful and trustworthy buyers online!
that is also one of the reason why I've always looked for them. :D

Safe and trustworthy, thumbs up! __
148 ★★★★★ Excellent Marco 2016-07-22
 TheBestBuyKorea is back at it again with the amazing service! Keep up the good work!
147 ★★★★★ Excellent Ikki 2016-05-24
 Once again TBBK is showing that they are a service to count with. Not only did these guys help me to get my product, but they made every little effort to make it possible, even though the circumstances were a little bit complicated. I really appreciate this service and I can recommend it to anyone who is buying items from Korea.

This is simply the best service, I have a lot of experience with dealing with Korea and I can honestly say that this proxy service beats the rest, period.
146 ★★★★★ Excellent Nydia 2016-05-17
 Another pleasant, smooth and wonderful experience with thebestbuykorea :)! it has been quite some time since i last returned here for help and they are just as wonderful as ever. keep up the good work!
145 ★★★★★ Excellent Dusan 2016-05-16
 Great communication. Fast shipping. Another excellent experience.
144 ★★★★★ Excellent shujuan 2016-05-09
 excellent service, fast delivery.
143 ★★★★★ Excellent Whitney 2016-05-02
 Very good service! Helpful and fast!
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