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TheBestBuyKorea.com provides online buying services for people outside of Korea, buyers or sellers who want to import goods from Korea, and expats in Korea.


Korea is an online shopping paradise with all kinds of items at unbeatable prices and cheap doorstep delivery, that is, as long as you are Korean.  Foreigners are mostly left in the cold - faced with obstacles due to language and Korean ID numbers required when shopping online. Of course, there are some specialized online shopping sites in English for foreigners who want to buy Korean products, however, you are often left with limitations on certain items and uncompetitive prices. 


TheBestBuyKorea.com is designed to provide our members with the same convenience and affordable price that local Korean online shoppers enjoy access to, with international shipping worldwide.


Importers can use TheBestBuyKorea.com as your buying office in Korea. You do not need to search and deal with individual suppliers or online shopping sites every time you want something from Korea.  Just let us know what you want, and we will provide all your (sourcing, dealing, inspecting, shipping, etc.) needs.  Naturally, you want a price that is the same or lower than what you would pay (even including our commission) if you were to import directly by yourself. It is possible, through our extensive buying power reflected in our 20 plus years of experience in domestic and international trading.


Whether you are a K-pop fan who just wants to buy some K-pop goods or are a large importer who wants to buy Korean goods at a competitive price, leave it to us. TheBestBuyKorea.com will assist in finding the highest quality at the lowest price possible through retailers, online shopping sites, wholesalers, stockists and manufacturers. 


You will be amazed at how much time and money you will save by having us as your online buying agent. Why not simply compare your buying price with our quotation before making a decision?


Made in Korea or designed in Korea or imported clothing, wigs, accessories, shoes, 

K-pop merchandise, consumer electronics, mobile devices, books, Toys, foods, 

bags, backpacks, eyewear, caps and hats, fashion items, stationery, auto parts, 

cosmetics, outdoor and sports goods, secondhand luxury brands, DVDs, CDs....from A to Z,

just name the product you want and we'll buy it for you!


Company History


1987  Artrade International Inc. is established by Chong Chin Pak.

         Export, import and distribute general consumer goods such as consumer electronics, tools, sports equipment, watches, toys, clothes, stationery, etc., handling around 300 items so far.


1995  Supplement movies in the business line.

         Produce, export, import and distribute movies.  The Day of The Beast, Funny Game, Lush Life, Dress, Oyster and Wind are some of the titles distributed.


1997  Produce children educational programs - Magic Pencil, Magic Mountain, Naughty Fairy Village, for television and home video.


1999  Change company name to Vix Productions.

         Include home video and DVD distribution in business line.

         Produce, export, import and distribute around 100 titles.  Rules of Game, Bangkok

         Dangerous, Inferno, Triad, Histoire d'O and Martial Angels are some of the titles distributed.


2010  Launch Korean online marketplace, TheBestBuyKorea.com!!


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