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Name  Bethany
Email  *******
Item  tint for an apartment window
Quantity  at least 10 m
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I think this is what we are looking for, but I'm not sure how to choose the size, amount, or tint.
Status  Quoted

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Description  1. Size: 152cm(Height) x 100cm(width)
2. If you need 10m, you have to order 10pcs.
3. Amount: KRW60000 plus our commission KRW6000.
4. You can choose tint from S05 to GN35, seeing the pictures. There are 7 tints.

While, we found other tint from other seller.

1. Size: 150cm(Height) x 100cm(width), or you can choose width.
2. If you want 150 x 1000 by 1pc, the seller cut as you ask; 150 x 500 by 2pcs, 150 x 200 by 5pcs.....
3. Amount KRW47000 plus our commission KRW4700.
4. You can choose tint from 7 tints.

Please see below url for detail.선팅필름

level img Admin 2010-05-04 09:54
Thank you for request. Final quotation will be given immediately upon your feedback.
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